Lakeview Policies

The Parent-Student Handbook is a reference guide that is distributed to parents the first week of school. It contains school policies covering everything from behavior expectations to homework policies.

View the 2017-18 Parent-Student Handbook

View the Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Follow these rules to make Lakeview a "PAW" sitive place for learning and you may just get "pawed" by a staff member.

Work Hard

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Work well independently
  • Use time wisely
  • Put forth effort
  • Accept suggestions
  • Complete work carefully and on time
  • Organize work space and materials

Be Kind

  • Demonstrate respect for personal property
  • Demonstrate respect for community property
  • Communicate in a respectful way
  • Cooperate while working in groups

Be Safe

  • Follow school rules
  • Accept responsibility for personal actions