Student Leadership

Serve Your School

*Student Leadership teams are on hold for the 2021-22 school year, we look forward to them returning next year!*


The Student Leadership Program is an invaluable opportunity for our kids to become leaders at Lakeview. The leadership team helps with school and community events throughout the year including spirit days, local and global service projects, and student safety at school. They help lead school assemblies, read the morning announcements, assist substitute teachers, give school tours, buddy with younger students and assist at school events.

The focus of Student Leadership is on community service, being positive role models for fellow students, and supporting school goals, events, staff, and students. Applications are accepted in the Spring from fourth graders to be placed on a team during their fifth grade year at Lakeview.

Safety Patrol - Mr. Johnson

Safety Patrol Officers arrive at school 15 minutes early or stay 15 minutes after school to greet students, help kindergartners, and monitor children as they arrive by bus or car. They work throughout the school to help students be safe coming and going from school and to help our school maintain an atmosphere that is calm and focused on learning.

Earth Heroes - Ms. Wilson

Service Team - Ms. Elmer

Emcees - Mrs. Brackett

The emcee team is responsible for morning announcements as well as assisting Mrs. Brackett in speaking at assemblies throughout the year for events such as Veteran's Day, MLK Day, and Pep Assemblies.

Super Hero Advertising - Mrs. Edwards

The Super Hero Advertising Inc. Team promotes school events. Team members create eye-catching, informative posters and design a Power Point that is displayed throughout the school on T.V’s.

Welcoming Team 

The welcoming team supports our school by carrying out actions that build our friendly and inviting community. Students serve as morning greeters, holding open the doors and welcoming families with a smile. Students also give new family tours and welcome our guest teachers for the day.

Kelso's Coaches - Mrs. Cue

Kelso’s Coaches can help our younger friends solve their small problems at recess by using Kelso’s Choices.  They ensure all our students feel safe and welcomed at Lakeview!