Math Resources

Supplemental math resources

Additional math resources to enhance district adopted curriculum

In addition to following the Lake Washington School District's math curriculum, students are encouraged to regularly use Dreambox Math, a comprehensive, standards based, adaptive math program. Students are able to access this program via their student logon. When students have solid number sense, and are ready for math fact fluency practice, students are encouraged to use Reflex.
In partnership with Zeno Math, Lakeview students have various programs available to them at home and at school: Zeno Math Clubs - After school enrichment program where students revel in all manner of interactive, hand-on math activities and games. Zeno Math Monthly Challenge Boards - Students vie to catapult their classroom to math stardom by answering this always rigorous, yet ever-practical, math question. This program is designed to engage the entire school in relevant, challenging math problems. Read-made bulletin boards, monthly challenge questions and prizes are delivered to the school each trimester. Play Math at Home - Zeno's suggestions of math at home to ignite the curiosity and confidence to make your whole family math-powered.
Lakeview also utilizes a Math Lab which contains educational games that can be checked out. Students play these games to reinforce math skills and cooperative group skills. Teachers are able to explain the rules/strategies to the whole class and then let children play in small groups.