Reading enrichment

The Global Reading Challenge is for fourth and fifth graders and is sponsored by the King County Library System. This is a program that allows students to work together as a team and challenge other schools to correctly answer questions about the selected books. Each year, King County Library System Children's Librarians select ten titles in a wide range of reading levels especially suited to the interests of young readers. The goal is to encourage students at all reading levels to engage in teamwork while reading some of the best in children's literature. The top team from each school proceeds on to the District Challenge, with that winner moving on to the Regional Challenges. Regional winners will compete in the Grand Challenge, to be held in March, which will determine which school will hold the trophy for the following year.

The Battle of the Books is an optional program sponsored by LWSD library teachers that is offered to intermediate students to promote enjoyment in reading quality literature.

Books are chosen by the Lake Washington School District Elementary Librarians based on current award nominees. Students are responsible for creating their teams, submitting the team registration form, and collaborating so that all titles are read by the team. Generally, the more members that have read a book, the more likely someone will remember the details of the story and be able to answer the question. The most successful teams have started reading early, read often and, even re-read the books!

Teams participate in a double elimination tournament usually held during lunch recess in the library. Mrs. Jensen will moderate all Lakeview battles. The Lakeview Champion then competes with other school in the district in a single elimination tournament, via live web chat. District level questions are different than the "in house" battle and are generally more difficult.

Rules for Battle of the Books

  • Teams shall consist of no more than four members, grades 4-6.
  • Students may be from different classes.
  • One team member shall be designated as the “Spokesperson” who will be responsible for putting forth the team’s answer. The team may talk amongst themselves to come up with an answer.
  • Each team will be given 30 seconds to give the title of the book. The timing starts as soon as the question is asked once. The team may ask to have the question repeated, but the clock will be running. After 30 seconds the scorekeeper will shout “Time.” If the Spokesperson is giving an answer when “Time” is heard, she/he may finish the answer.
  • New questions will alternately be given to each team regardless of which team gave the last correct answer. In other words, if team A is given a new question, team B will be given the next new question, even if team B just correctly answered a question that team A had just missed.
  • The title must be exact.
  • The moderator’s decision will be final in the case of any team answer, which may be questionable.
  • Teams may not have a list of the books at their table during the competition.
  • 2 points for a correct answer to a new question
  • 1 point for a correct answer to a missed question