Check Out Policy

Library Books

Kindergartners may check out one book for one week beginning in mid-September. Look on the due date slip for the date the book is due.

First and second graders may check out three books for one week. Look on the due date slip for the date the book is due.

Third, fourth, fifth graders may check out five books for two weeks. Look on the due date slip for the date the book is due.

Students may renew a book one time, keeping it two more weeks. With special permission, they may have the book even longer. Students who need additional books (beyond their grade limit) for research, etc. simply need to let us know.

Overdue Books
All books have due date slips in the back. Please check the last date on the list for the date the book is due. Overdue notices may be printed weekly and given to students. This is the students reminder that their book is overdue and needs to be returned. If students have overdue books, they are not permitted to checkout additional books until they have returned the books or talked to the library staff about the situation. If a student has a question about an overdue book, he should contact the library staff.

Students who lose or damage books are required to pay a replacement fee. At the end of the school year, notices are sent home in the mail to the parents of students who still have library books checked out. Often, students can forget that they have a particular book checked out or think they have returned it. Please look everywhere, under beds, in family cars, etc. because the books often are found in the most unlikely places. If a lost book is paid for and later returned, we will gladly refund your money.

Students can return a book at any time. To make this easier, each classroom has its own library basket which students can put their books in. Library baskets are emptied daily in the library. Of course, students can return a book in person to the library by placing it in the book return bin near the checkout counter.