Counselor's Corner

My name is Sondra Chamberlain, and I am the school counselor at Lakeview Elementary School.

As the counselor, I am an advocate for students and enjoy collaborating with teachers, staff, and families for the well-being of every child here at Lakeview. I am here each day to support the social and emotional learning of children at our school. I welcome parents to contact me if they have a concern about the well-being of their child. Social and emotional learning directly impacts academic achievement. There are many benefits of teaching social and emotional skills to students. Here is a website that explains more: What does the research say? The Benefits of SEL

Throughout the school year I teach classroom lessons, facilitate small groups, work with students one on one and guide the 5th grade leadership teams. Some classroom lessons that I teach during the school year include Meet the Counselor, Zones of Regulation (managing emotions), Kelso’s Choices (strategies for small problems), and Career and College.

If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum that we use at Lakeview I have included links below. I am always happy to share curriculum and talk about strategies to support students at school as well as at home. I am committed to partnering with families to care for students. Another important aspect of school counseling is connecting families with community resources. If you need resources (food, clothing, holiday support) please let me know.

I look forward to another amazing year partnering together with your family to care for Lakeview students.

Sondra Chamberlain

School Counselor / Lakeview Elementary School

425-936-2812 ext. 56004

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