Counselor's Corner

The Elementary Counseling Program encourages students' social, emotional, and personal growth at each stage of his or her development.

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner. My name is Sarah Cue and I am the counselor at Lakeview Elementary.

As the counselor, I am an advocate for students. I am here each day to support the social/emotional growth and learning of the children at our school. My goal is to help children to evolve as individuals, as students, and as citizens. I welcome parents to contact me if they have a concern about the well-being of their child.

One way that your child is likely to receive counseling program services is through classroom guidance lessons. The following topics may be taught in your child’s class: friendship skills, problem-solving, getting along with others, communication, goal-setting, and safety. I am also available to meet with children individually or in small groups.

In the Counselor’s Corner, you will find information on the services offered to your child by the counseling program. You can also find monthly editions of the Home and School Connection, various articles, and other resources, so check back often.

Counseling Program at Lakeview

Bucket Filling is one way that we reinforce the school rule: Be Kind.
Philosophy and Vision and the importance of social and emotional education in schools.
Kelso's Choices for K-3 and Steps to Respect for 4-5 help students acquire problem-solving and communication skills.

Optional small groups are for students who might need some additional support in certain areas.
Individual counseling is voluntary, short-term, skill-based, and goal-oriented.

Parent Education