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Our School Improvement Goals
All Washington schools develop a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) which is mandated by the state and includes: a review of state, district and classroom data and specific strategies which will be implemented to promote continued student academic and social growth.


Our dedicated staff works collaboratively on our school goals during the LEAP (Learning Enhancement Academic Planning) time each Wednesday afternoon, as well as the three all-day LEAP days scheduled throughout the year.

The Lakeview faculty has developed the following goals for our CIP for this school year:

Lakeview's Building Goals 2012-2013
  • MATH - Students will utilize improve skills in number sense, with an emphasis on geometric sense.
  • READING - Students will improve comprehension skills and demonstrate comprehension.
    • When analyzing text, students will support ideas with information and details from selections (text-self, text-work connections).
  • WRITING - Students will strengthen and develop their expository written ability by increasing frequency of expository writing experiences.
  • SCIENCE - Students will increase their all-around understanding of science.

Each Wednesday afternoon or during all-day LEAP trainings, the Lakeview staff work on a variety of professional activities that are focused on these goals which result in increased academic achievement for all Lakeview students. We continue to work on the use of net book labs in our school, have had training in Haiku, the district's new online learner management system, participated in Reflex training and have focused much attention on review of student data and progress. These professional development opportunities are inspiring and we are grateful that you as a community are supportive of providing us this valuable time!

Online Grades, Report Cards and Conferences
Report cards are issued twice a year in January and June. The 1-4 grading system is used to show where each student is in skill areas. More Information: Proficiency Scales

4 = exceeds standard
3.5 = above standard but not a consistent 4
3 = at standard
2.5 = approaching standard but not consistent at reaching standard
2 = approaching standard
1.5 = not at standard but at times approaching
1 = not at standard
Parents can monitor a student's grades online using Parent Access. Other sources: Understanding Elementary Grading, Accessing Parent Access and the Skyward Gradebook
Student/Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled in October and January. The October conference is a goal-setting conference.



Information about student learning is gathered from a variety of sources, including district and state assessments, and from the classroom teacher. All students throughout the school district will take the same district assessments. These tests will tell what a student knows with respect to the standards in a content area, like writing or math. Three assessments will be given during the year in writing, math and science, and one in social studies.

The results will help teachers know what students in their class are doing well on and what areas they need help in. Parents, too, will have a better understanding of how their student is performing and where improvement is needed. This information will be posted to the online grade book, Family Access.


Though assessments are important in helping teachers work more effectively with your child, they only provide part of the total picture of your child’s progress. Teachers assess student performance in a variety of ways on a regular basis, and their insights to your child continue to be your best source of information on "how your child is doing".
The DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is a test used to assess reading proficiency in kindergarten through second grade. It is administered three times each school year.
State Testing
Students in grades 3-8 take the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP). High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE). Read more about State Testing.


Specific information regarding the state assessments:

For information regarding special program, the following links will direct you to the district pages:

QUEST - an accelerated program for "highly capable" learners
Special Education - resources to identify and support learners with special needs
IEP - handbook for families with a special needs student on an Individualized Education Plan