Coulter Profile

Brad Coulter

First Grade Teacher


Phone: 425.936.2600


I was born in Pullman, Washington, somewhat near the middle of the 20th century. I grew up in Bellevue, Washington, and attended Western Washington University, where I earned a B.S. in geology.

In elementary school, I played baseball, basketball and football. I read Mad magazines around the clock. I collected baseball cards. I even played the violin and piano. In sixth grade I was the president of my elementary school. In junior high I discovered track and field and became a high-jumper. In high school I jumped 6’ 0”, which is not that bad, using the Fosbury Flop method.

In college I studied geology. In my last quarter of college I traveled around the Southwest with eight of my classmates and one professor to study and map rock formations. I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake. I camped among iguanas.

My first real job was as a geologist. It took me to northern California, southern Nevada and the Big Island of Hawaii, where I worked in the geothermal industry cataloguing the rock type, pressure, and temperature of geothermal well sites.

I became a teacher in 1987. I have been teaching elementary school ever since. I love kids and have been working with kids since I was a kid myself, beginning as a 6th grader working with kindergarteners.

I take many photographs and listen to many different types of music. I ride my bicycle almost everywhere, including to school. I love to read. This summer I read The Bone Clocks, The Buried Giant, Go Set a Watchman, and Gilead..