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Staff Directory

Administration and Office Support

Heather Frazier, Principal

Abbey Baumgartner, Associate Principal    

Debus Frey, Office Manager

Kristin Crane, Secretary/Registrar

Jennifer Harkstad, Nurse

Sandra DiGiacomo, Health Room Secretary






Lori Jensen

Sheryl Stillwell

Brenna Sullivan

Courtney Yandell


First Grade

Hannah Forslund

Stephanie Miller

Tracy Ferries

Mackenzie Haynes



Second Grade

Karla Coghlan

Tonya Davidson

Heather Nease

Luke Johnson

Third Grade

Jenessa Liang

Jamie Tiffany

Fatima Ahmed

Shannon Clark



Fourth Grade

Kelly Adams

Charlie Falla

Debra Phipps

Liz Hamilton

Fifth Grade

Megyn Essig

Brenda Edwards

Dina Wilson

Student Support

Sarah Cue, Counselor 

Rachel Pemble, Psychologist

Erin LaPointe, Resource Room Teacher 

Leslie Elmer Resource Room Teacher

Melissa Pitsch, ELL Teacher



Rachel Brackett - Music

Brad Coulter - Librarian/Media Specialist

John Owens - PE



School Support Staff

Susan Enberg

Katie Engebretson

Silvana Ghazarians

Kelly Gunnell

Karenee Herman

Claire Stafford

Susan Shelton

Francisco Finch

Jiyeaon Chang

Mercedes Bakhach





Luke Anderson, Day Custodian

Larry Mahoney, Night Custodian